Professional Fiduciary Trustee Services Albuquerque

Select Urbielewicz Murphree CPAs for Fiduciary and Trustee Services Albuquerque

Urbielewicz Murphree CPAs PC provides for the financial well-being of trust clients with fiduciary and trustee services in Albuquerque. The legal entity of a trust requires fiduciary decisions for the purpose of protecting or preserving the trust. Our experienced professionals understand and appreciate the issues involved in each case.

Corrales CPAs provides  Professional Fiduciary Trustee Services in greater Albuquerque

Two of our fiduciary and trustee services involve tax and investment services.

We provide tax preparation services for our Trust clients. Because families may already have a CPA relationship in place for personal and business tax returns, we coordinate our Trust services with your CPA. We find a separation of tax responsibilities works for the benefit of our clients, particularly when a trust is involved. Coordination makes for successful planning.

Our CPAs monitor monthly activity to ensure we meet investment objectives. As Trustees we work with investment managers at a wide range of firms. We meet regularly with these individuals. The frequency of these meetings ranges from quarterly to annual depending on the size of the investment portfolio. We respect existing investment relationships if they continue to work well for the Trust and its beneficiaries.

What qualifications does Urbielewicz Murphree CPAs PC have for fiduciary and trustee services?

Corrales CPAs provides fiduciary and trustee services.Our firm began offering eldercare as well as fiduciary and trustee services to provide assurance in a professional, independent and objective manner to third parties (children, family members or other concerned parties) that the needs of the individual they care for are being met.

Our CPAs are licensed in the State of New Mexico by the New Mexico Public Accountancy Board, meet professional education requirements including ethics and obtain our liability insurance (E & O) through the AICPA professional Liability Insurance Program. We participate in the Peer Review Program which requires an independent review every three years and monitors compliance with applicable accounting standards. Our firm proudly passed our Peer Review for the three year period ending December 31, 2013.

To discuss your specific situation or ask any questions about fiduciary and trustee services in the greater Albuquerque area call us at 505-897-7382.