Karen Owen Administrative Assistant

When Karen Owen moved to Albuquerque from Colorado in 1962, she could drive on the UNM campus.  She laughs about how things have changed and recalls a job working as the switchboard operator on a plug-in system. Then she quickly adds most of her jobs have been at CPA firms.  She retired after 25 years with one CPA firm.

In her fifth year as an admin at Urbielewicz, Murphree, Karen Owen is one of three women named Karen at the office. She admits that her nickname Susie was even taken, so she remains “Karen #2” and enjoys every minute of it.

This friendly gal treasures family and friends, country music (especially George Strait), cooking and reading. For the past six years she’s organized a Friday night party in which friends get together to talk and exchange books.

Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation if Karen Owen happens to answer the phone when you call.