You’re getting audited — here’s what to do

Most of us will never be audited. But when it does happen, it might feel a little scary. The truth of the matter is IRS auditors do audits every day. They know what to look for and can ask questions that you may easily answer incorrectly. Here's how you can be more prepared if it…
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Your receipts are important: save them

When it comes to taking qualified deductions on your federal tax return, three things must happen: Recognize that an expense might be deductible on your tax return. Keep a record of the expense in an organized fashion. ï Obtain the proper (and timely) documentation to support your deduction. This might be obvious to most people,…
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Do a business valuation when you’re ready to sell your company

A Business Valuation will help you sell your company Well before you're ready to sell your company, you'll want to determine its fair market value as a starting point for negotiations. Of course, obtaining a reasonably precise value for your business is often a complicated and time-consuming task. Accurate appraisals must weigh a variety of…
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