Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal

If you want to improve your home's market value, curb appeal matters. The condition of your front yard, entry area, driveway, and sidewalks will color the impression of everything else a potential buyer sees during a visit. Homes with great curb appeal usually command higher prices and spend less time on the market. Luckily there…
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Single people need financial planning too

Whether you are a lifelong single person or you found yourself single through divorce or the death of your spouse, you have your own financial considerations and complications. Unfortunately, many single people overlook financial planning. Don't make this costly mistake. Financial and estate planning help you protect your earnings and your property. For single people…
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Check your credit score

If you haven't checked your credit report lately, this may be the time. Wrong or old information on your report can affect your credit score -- and not in a good way. Your credit score helps lenders determine your credit-worthiness and can impact the interest rate you pay on loans, or even whether you can…
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